RSAN Spring Conference 2016

rsa spring 2016


Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries


When: Friday May 27th from 10:00 –17:00

Where: Radboud University, Nijmegen , Grotius Building, Room -1.070.

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Fee: None!

Keynotes: Prof. dr Leon Oerlemans (Tilburg University)



Timeslot              Activity: Speaker

9:00       10:00     Welcome coffee and registration

10:00     10:15     Opening: Joris Knoben

10:15     11:00     Keynote Pioneering Innovation Research in Developing Countries: Leon Oerlemans

11:00     11:30     Paper Closed for Business: The value of openness in developing countries: Annelies van Uden

11:30     11:45     Coffee break

11:45     12:15     Paper Business networks, social capital and the productivity of creative industries in Indonesia: Fikri Zul Fahmi

12:15     12:45     Paper Challenges Marketplace: how technology can democratize access to markets: Katherine Hirst

12:45     13:45     Lunch

13:45     14:15     Paper Towards Innovative SME/Entrepreneurial Policy in Africa: Aminu Mamman

14:15     14:45     Paper Social capital in developing countries: the case of Ugandan entrepreneurs: Giacomo Solano

14:45     15:15     Paper Proximities approach; A critical assessment: Roel Rutten

15:15     15:30     Coffee break

15:30     16:00     Closing session Show me the data!: Joris Knoben

16:00     ?             Open discussion and drinks


If you would like to attend this conference (attendance is free!) please register through the RSAN website here or send an e-mail to Prof. dr. Joris Knoben (



Innovation and entrepreneurship are seen as two of the most critical predictors of firm performance at the micro level and sustainable economic growth at the macro level. This pivotal role of innovation and entrepreneurship is proclaimed to hold sway in developed and developing countries alike. In contrast to the huge literature on developed countries, research on innovation and entrepreneurship in developing countries is relatively scarce. Understanding the driving factors of innovation and entrepreneurship is especially vital in these contexts, as they are key drivers of economic growth and social welfare – both much needed in developing countries.


Inspired by more and better data availability research on innovation and entrepreneurship and developing countries is starting to blossom. The RSAN Spring Conference will bring together scholars and practitioners that have an interest in this emerging and promising field of study and that want to further our understanding of the topic. As the expertise needed to do so resides in various disciplines and sectors, we welcome papers and attendees from all backgrounds.


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10:00 - 17:00

Radboud University, Nijmegen


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